Our vision is to provide the right care at the right time while driving down cost

Convergence Care was founded in 2021 with a specific purpose in mind “Redefining Catastrophic Care”. Our nearly 85 years of experience shared amongst our founding members told us that outcomes have become less of a priority in this industry. Convergence Care has set out to change the way payers, providers, and insurers view and handle claims. At Convergence Care we take a hands-on approach to every claim we handle, having a single point of contact from the start of the referral. Thus, allowing our coordinators access to all necessary documentation to determine the right plan of action. All while setting clear expectations with all parties involved.

Convergence Care is based in Tucson, Arizona, providing services nationally for workers compensation. We provide a broad range of services including but not limited to; home health services, durable medical equipment and supplies to home and vehicle modifications. Convergence Care takes great pride in our network as we have taken a very strategic approach to ensure we have the right providers that understand our vision to provide the right care at the right time while driving down cost.